FASHION: Your GQ Spring Report!!

Here are some Spring2011 fashion trends for men:

Trend #1: The Linen Suit

Wrinkles look good on men, so a nice linen suit is fresh and breathable for the spring/summer.


 Trend#2: The Sailor Striped Fitted Sweater

This is a great casual look.  Its a good light weight long sleeve and should be paired with a pair of dark wash jeans and white clean runners (as shown in the picture below).

Trend#3: The Micro-Check

The micro-check is such a small checker on your shirt that from a far you can’t even tell.  This is good to add pattern to your look without going extreme.  I also want to point out the fitted suit and vest with this look- its a real thing!!

Trend#4: The Weaved/Braided Belt.

These type of belts are very in this season, however ONLY for the casual look.  Definitely can not be paired with a suit.  It is always a good look to contrast these with your outfit colours.  For example: with a dark pant, wear a lighter shade of belt and with a light pant you would wear a darker shade, and so on.

Trend#5: The Timeless Watch

We all know that you no longer look at your watch to check the time, we just simply check our blackberries.  BUT a watch is what every man should have on- it just completes your look.

Trend#6: Cream Suit w/ Loafers

If you’re tired of a regular black suit, for this spring/summer go with CREAM!  It is fresh and yet still very classy.  Great colour and look for your spring closet.  Also, loafers are always good to wear with your suits at this time of the year – you don’t even have to wear socks.

Trend#7: Double Breasted Everything.

You will notice there is a lot of double breasted sports jackets and cardigans when shopping.  If you can pull this look off wear it with a fitted tee under and it will look just right.  In this picture Cudi actually buttons it up. Looks sharp.

Trend#8: The Retro Fitted Polo

Ok, it’s all about the fitted look if you haven’t noticed yet.  This is more of an old school look and it’s in style! Think of the movie Goodfellas , Robert Di Nero having lunch at the country club kind of look. Classic.

Trend#9: Blue and Brown!!!

Always always always do your navy blue suit with brown!  The contrast of these colours is great and will make them look even richer.  Dark brown shoes and belt complete this suit, and your brown bag will look even better with time. Great look!!!



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