FASHION: Summer Suit Selections from GQ

If anyone knows me, I’m a man that loves to wear a suit. I look at it as a investment. Ladies will agree that there’s nothing like a man in a suit. So a word to the gentlemen: step up your suit game! Here are a few suit looks for the summer :

Suit #1: Meet the whipcord

Pair with a dark shirt and your good to go.

Suit, $248, by Express. Shirt, $45, by Van Heusen. Tie, $13, by Uniqlo.

Suit #2: Cotton Khaki Suit

With the modern cuts, you will be sure to catch some attention.

Suit, $380, by Banana Republic. Shirt, $40, by H&M. Tie, $15, and tie bar by The Tie Bar. Pocket square by Lands’ End Canvas.

Suit #3: The Navy Suit

Not heavy on the pockets, but still shows off a great look.

Suit, $220, by Uniqlo +J. Shirt, $40, and Tie, $20, by Topman. Socks by Lands’ End Canvas. Pocket square by Brooks Brothers.


Suit #4: Linen Suit

Looks better when it’s crumpled and available in a wide variety of colors.

Suit, $386, by J.Crew. Shirt, $36, by Sean John. Tie, $40, by Express. Shoes, $79, by G.H. Bass & Co. Socks by Smart Turnout.

Suit #5: The White Suit

In the summer time, it’s hard to pull of the white suit at times. Go for a softer, less blinding that has a touch of gray.

Suit, $100, by H&M. Shirt, $50, by ck Calvin Klein. Tie, $40, by Lands’ End Canvas.

Suit #6: The Chocolate Suit

You know what they say: every woman loves chocolate !

Suit, $400, by Perry Ellis Portfolio. Shirt, $40, by H&M. Tie, $20, by Topman. Shoes, $168, and socks by J.Crew. Pocket square by J.Press.



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